The Rijksmuseum museum in Amsterdam had an idea: Let’s bring the art to the people and then, hopefully, they will come to
see more.

They took a Rembrandt painting from 1642, Guards of the Night, and brought it to life. They placed the characters in a busy mall and the rest you can see for yourself:

5 thoughts on “YouTube: Rijksmuseum artsy flash mob – brilliant marketing

    • My pleasure! I think you received an order from my dad’s 4th wife, Patti White, in Cape Coral. I thought she was getting one for me too, but maybe not. Perhaps when I have more time next year, I will order one for myself. They are beautiful! Congrats!

      • Hello Martine, yes I did receive an order from Patty White. The order was sent out on 11-4-13, maybe she has not handed them all out yet? I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you are doing OK. I appreciate you saying they are beautiful. I really do love them all. Everyone ends up feeling like family members to me. I hope I get to make one for you. I enjoy your blog, thanks for the entertaining posts.

      • Thanks Julie! I got an email today from Patti – the bracelet should be arriving within a week or two. Can’t wait to see it! 🙂 Martine

      • Great! Please let me know when you get it, I want to know what you think! There are two of us at Sisu Beads. Julie and myself Gina. Julie set up the blog and writes on occasion, but it was me Gina, who spoke with Patty, I am the artist, Julie is the brains of the operation! I know it is nearly impossible to figure out who is doing what. I just wanted you to know. So, I made your bracelet for you, and I am so excited that it is on its way to you. Thanks for writing such a great blog. Again please let me know when you receive it. Which colors did you order? Do you remember? Post pictures if you want, I would love to see it again. Thanks!!!

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