Makoto Taiko drumming – 8th annual concert

WOW!  WHAT A SHOW!  SOLD OUT!  What extraordinary performers (including the kids 🙂 !!!  These big Japanese drums are so primitive and powerful – you really feel it in your guts!

Koki Nakamura, their grammy award-winning mentor / teacher, is spell-binding… My 4th taiko show and I can’t wait to see the next one… Someday maybe I can even learn to drum a little (ok, loudly – can’t be timid with these folks)

And made it home in time for real fireworks in Santa Monica – fab evening!!!

Award-winning Mike Penny’s shamisen playing (Japanese traditional guitar) was lyrical and so authentic – made you feel as tho you were sitting in a small restaurant in Japan being served by geishas…

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