Fast Co: Mini videos on Instagram and Vine

Video for Instagram also includes a feature called Cinema, which Systrom calls “cinematic stabilization that will change video forever.” Essentially, Cinema corrects for common human errors in video shooting, such as wobbliness.

One difference between videos and photos: You can only upload videos that you record within the Instagram app, whereas with photos, you can import images previously saved to your camera roll.

Instagram’s most obvious play here is forVine, the Twitter-owned mobile instant video app that spits out shareable, six-second vignettes. Earlier this month, Twitter announced in a blog post that Vine’s iPhone and Android apps have clocked 13 million registered users.

Although Vine’s 13 million users are nothing to scoff at, Instagram has now reached more than 130 million monthly active users who have shared 16 billion photos on the network. Along the way, it has managed to cultivate and maintain a strong brand equity that staff writer Austin Carr likens to Pixar within Disney in his new profile of Systrom’s Instagram. Much of that equity is based in the app’s clean, dead-simple user experience that makes Instagram feel “like a piece of glass that you are flowing through,” in the words of cofounder Mike Krieger.

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