Ocean Lovers Collective: An “Aloha nation”

Beautiful site created by my dear friend David Pu’u đŸ™‚

When we are born, the breath of this world enters, it is our first physical act. As we pass out of this place, again it is the last thing which we will do, to release it. In between, what we do with that, is an expression of our heart, and for the Hawaiian Nation, that has always resided in gratitude-aloha-giving.

This is where the concept for Oceanlovers arose, out of the heart of that, and the logo above, which was so carefully designed and painted by acclaimed artist Ron Croci, was done with the express intention of creating a new Aloha Nation which through connection to all creation, might intelligently and with great accuracy, confer benefit. It is our banner, the flag under which we reside.

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