3D Printing Insider: Teenagers 3D Print Helicopter Wings and All-Terrain Vehicles

Wow!  I want to go to CAMP and make my own helicopter!!! 🙂

(New Haven Register) A two-week engineering camp hosted at the University of New Haven pulled together about 20 local teenagers for an intensive look into how to build helicopter wings and all-terrain wheels with 3D printing and design. This kind of building is the future of manufacturing, said Daniel Schrage, a professor at Georgia Tech, who helped spread the youth camp beyond its Atlanta origins. “The work force needs students who understand design and manufacturing… They need people with these skills and ability.”
The students gathered late July to test their designs. The helicopters were tested by their ability to fly while being weighted down, and the land vehicles navigated over different simulation terrains. A handful of teachers attended to bring engineering and design ideas back to their classrooms.
The camp is partially sponsored by Stratasys, a 3D printing company that provided materials and printers needed for designing.
After the camp ended, students received a free year-long license for the software they were taught how to use from Virginia Tech.

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