Stream from your computer to your TV – very easy!


It’s been three weeks since Google unveiled its Chromecast dongle, and I’ve been using it practically every day since then to watch Netflix(s nflx), YouTube(s goog) and other forms of online video on my TV. This gave me a chance to test the device in a real-life setting, and discover some of its greatest features, along with a few shortcomings.

chromecast another feature art

The basics: what it is and what it does

First, a quick recap: Chromecast is a $35 streaming dongle that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. You can use it to stream online videos from YouTube, Netflix and elsewhere, and use your computer, mobile phone or tablet as a remote control. It doesn’t have any kind of separate app store or user interface on your TV – everything gets controlled from the PC or mobile device.

The key word here is control: Your phone doesn’t stream videos directly to…

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