3D Insider: The Ten Principles of 3D Printing

The Ten Principles of 3D Printing

(mediabistro) Melba Kurman,  co-author with Hod Lipson of the best seller Fabricatedprovided a clear, to-the-point discussion of the key points/benefits of 3D printing to her audience at Inside3DPrinting Conference.

Kurman pointed out that global manufacturing is now at $20T annually, with the US having $3T of that amount. 3D manufacturing was at $2.3B worldwide in 2012 and the market growth potential in manufacturing alone is sizable. Her points serve as an excellent starting point for making meaning of 3D Printing’s potential.

1. One 3D printer makes many shapes
2. Small footprint manufacturing
3. No lead time from design to product
4. Skill lies in the design, not the operator
5. Less waste
6. No assembly required
7. Infinite blends of materials
8. Duplicate, edit and copy physical objects
9. Unlimited design space
10. Manufacturing complexity is free

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