WSJ: Tools to Manage Workers’ Mobile Devices

Companies have finally allowed their employees to use multiple personal gadgets, but this generates serious trust and security issues.  Programs like AirWatch, MDM and Blackstone give employers oversight and a degree of control, as well as the ability to locate or erase lost devices.

New software helps companies cope with their employees’ use of mobile gadgets for work



    Just three years ago, the only mobile access Owens Corning OC -0.83% employees had to the company’s network was through company-owned BlackBerrys, and those were primarily used to manage email.

    JToday, the company’s employees not only can access their email on the go but also are increasingly able to use many of the applications they need for work. And 80% of the devices they use to do that are owned by the workers themselves and come from a wide variety of manufacturers.

    It’s a trend playing out at most companies, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Yes, it can cause some headaches for IT departments. But at the same time, many are finding some relief in software designed to help them cope with the challenge of getting all those devices to work with their network systems smoothly and securely.

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