WSJ: Videoconferencing Options Expand

Some of these, like Skype group, are very inexpensive.  Video conferencing has become very common in patient care, meetings between scientists, legal depositions, corp meeting sand sales meetings.  Check out these models and see what fits your budget.  Some enable hundreds of people to be connected at the same time.  And some are FREE!

  • JOURNAL REPORTS        Updated September 15, 2013, 5:18 p.m. ET

Videoconferencing Options Expand

Falling prices and newer technologies make this tool more accessible—and useful


Indeed, the market for corporate videoconferencing has exploded. Across business, higher education and health care, videoconferencing has gone from a stilted experience on a telephone with a screen to a smooth, integrated part of Internet communications. Today, videoconferencing is giving users on-the-go access from mobile devices, and overcoming the hurdles of disparate systems and devices as it continues a transition from hardware to software to cloud computing.

The market for videoconferencing systems, like this one using Vidyo Inc. technology, is booming.

Market research firm International Data Corp. estimates that companies spent $2.6 billion last year on equipment such as room systems and network hardware—a figure that doesn’t even include software or cloud services.

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