WSJ: New software keeps track of contacts and syncs them among sites and devices

  • Having trouble syncing between your devices and social network?  New software MAY help you to avoid duplicates.  CardMunch enables you to scan business cards – ironically humans enter the data for you…
    WSJ:  JOURNAL REPORTS        Updated September 15, 2013, 5:18 p.m. ET

New Software Helps Manage Business Contacts

Programs offer ways to keep track of contacts and sync them among sites and devices

Most software providers also offer special programs or plug-ins that sync contacts automatically. Google, for instance, sends its contact information through a free-to-use format that devices like iPhones can read. Those iPhone users can configure their Mail application to translate Apple’s address-book entries into Google-friendly data.

LinkedIn’s CardMunch turns photos of business cards into digital contacts.

Yet even the solutions present their own problems. Syncing one set of names with another often causes duplicates that clog your directory.



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