WSJ: new cable series “HitRecord on TV – Crowd-sourced TV

TV is changing again… this is a very Amazon approach…

WSJ: With a crowdsourced approach which is new to TV, yet utterly familiar to anyone who grew up online, “HitRecord On TV” will be a flagship series for Pivot.

For the first episode of the new cable series “HitRecord on TV,” producers had to squeeze 426 names into the closing credits, about four times the amount that scrolls through a typical half-hour TV show.

In conventional terms, you could describe “HitRecord on TV” as a variety show. The host, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, introduces segments that explore different themes and showcase the participants’ talents. However, its production process is alien to the traditional methods of making television. Almost everything on screen, from the stories to the videos, artwork and music, is created by online contributors, and Mr. Gordon-Levitt is the Dr. Frankenstein who coordinates their efforts.

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