FC: Work Smart – 4 Habits of Punctual People.

Excellent article (I need it too 🙂 on how to de-stress your life by being early .


Punctual people know how long things take. Chronically late people, however, engage in what DeLonzor calls “magical thinking.”

“If once, 10 years ago, they made it to work in 20 minutes, they believe that’s how long it should take,” she says. “They forget about the 99% of the times that took 30 minutes.”

To develop realistic habits, DeLonzor suggests relearning to tell time. Write down how long you think it takes to shower, get ready in the morning and drive to work. Then for a week, track how long those things really take. Chronically late people are often off of their time estimates by 25% to 30%, says DeLonzor.

click on the link for the other 3 habits!  http://www.fastcompany.com/3025074/work-smart/4-habits-of-punctual-people?partner=newsletter

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