WSJ: Double the lives of Orchid Flowers in a pot with holes

This really works – One of my mini orchids is still in flower after six months – it is NOT in a pot but sticking out of a small container so it gets plenty of air.  I wondered why it is still alive – it thinks it is living happily in a tree 🙂

WSJ:  Give your orchid long life by ensconcing it in a pot pierced with air holes, a design concept born in Victorian England

As the story goes, said Ms. Tamulevich, after years of trial and error, Sir Joseph Banks, one of those Victorian plant hunters, tried housing his flowers in clay pots whose sides were peppered with holes. He was onto something. Explained Becky Brinkman, manager of the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Fuqua Orchid Center: “Most tropical orchids are epiphytes that grow perched in the branches of trees where they receive tremendous air circulation. In cultivation, they have happier, longer lives if given more air around the roots than conventional pots provide.” Today, experts still favor riffs on such pierced, airy vessels.

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