WSJ: G Flex Review: Calling on a Curved Phone that you can flex or step on.

Still doesn’t compare with my iPhone – but I’d love a cover that “self-repairs” scratches 🙂

WSJ: One of the First Smartphones with a Curved—and Even Flexible—Screen

The G Flex’s biggest benefit might be durability. It really does flex. When you apply force, you see it flatten to 180 degrees, then quickly return to its curved shape. I’ve stepped on it, sat on it, pressed down on it with all my weight, with no cracking or noticeable damage.

LG says it absorbs impact a bit differently because of the unique display and battery. That nonremovable battery has another benefit, too: It keeps the fast phone powered up for 1½ days of normal use—a result I found in my own testing on both the Sprint and AT&T LTE networks in New York City.

The G Flex’s back cover is made with a proprietary polymer that helps it recover from scuffs and other wear and tear. Amazingly, small scratches I made in the case with a key and a dime lessened within 20 minutes, and completely disappeared after a few days. But the phone is no Wolverine: Deeper scratches I made with a key and a knife still remain after five days. Yes, that’s a don’t-try-this-at-home warning.

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