Fast Company: Want a drone? Print one for $99

Call all filmmakers – here’s a cheap way to get your overview!


$99 Drone Company to Sell Plans for 3D Printed Accessories

(Champion News) Extreme Flyer, a company that manufactures and sells $99 toy drones, will sell plans for printing drone accessories on a 3D printer. Customers can now order the design of the component parts, download the .STL files, modify and print the parts out with their own 3D printer. “Before, if someone wanted a helicopter or a remote-control toy, they’d go into a store and buy whatever was selling,” said company founder Vernon Kerswell. “Now, people can have whatever they want when they want it.” Extreme Fliers’ latest product, Micro Drone 2.0, is the next iteration of the hit sensation Quad-copter. With pre-programmed stunts the Micro Drone could perform amazing aerobatics such as backflips, barrel rolls and somersaults. It packs a birds eye HD camera, sensors and remote so you can take video or photos as it flies.

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