Gmail: instantly TRANSLATE your email – with one click.

This is stupendous… communication is becoming so easy (and almost perfectly translated…)

Message translation

If you receive a message in a language you can’t read, Gmail can instantly translate it in just one click, giving you a general understanding of the message.


How does it work?
How do I change the language that my messages are translated into?
I don’t need to translate messages. How to I turn this feature off?
This feature is awesome! Can all messages be automatically translated?
How do I turn off automatic translation of messages?
I don’t see the translation box

2 thoughts on “Gmail: instantly TRANSLATE your email – with one click.

  1. Have you tried this? I had a student who came to class with an English translation from Arabic and it was dreadful–no verbs, among other thing! er

    On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 11:02 PM, Chez Froggie

    • I don’t think they have verbs in Arabic… I did try it for French – decent…
      I now write long missives to French family (Xmas ltr ) in google translate and then finesse the translation.

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