WSJ: New kites are easy to fly – with innovative, stunning designs.

How about a sailing ship (kite) or a multi-colored parachute?  These bring out the kid in all of us 🙂

WSJ:  For many people, the experience of flying a kite is one of frustration, a panel of a “Peanuts” comic come to life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Kite designers have radically transformed this age-old pastime, using innovative shapes and materials to create models that are so light and aerodynamic that they can take flight in the faintest breeze—or even none at all.


Sailing Ship Kite:  Loosely modeled in part on Captain Hook’s galleon, the Sailing Ship Kite is far more robust than its complex and delicate-looking rigging make it appear. According to the kite’s designer, the bamboo masts have a higher tensile strength than some types of steel; in our tests, the kite bounced back into the air when it hit the ground. This 60-centimeter-long ship requires winds of 30 kilometers an hour—enough to sway large tree branches, and more than many kites can handle.   $40, hapticlab.com

For Easy Flying

The Multi-Kite can be used as a traditional single-line kite or in a dual-line configuration (as shown) that is ideal for pulling off dramatic swoops, loops and dives. The frameless design means it requires no assembly and has no parts to break should you crash it. A long tube tail adds stability, making the kite perfect for novice stunt fliers. Just know that the 112-centimeter-wide sail can have some serious pull; the kite is recommended for ages 10 and up.  $50, invento-hq.com

For Calm Skies

The Zero-G is one of the few kites you can fly with no wind at all (even indoors). 

For the full story, click on the link top left

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