WSJ: Cloud Atlas: The Smartest Ways to Store Digital Photos.

I need a nice, uncomplicated service that quietly collects all my photos, then helps me share the best shots—earlier and more often.

This means public and private gallery options, and automatic uploading from phone and tablet. I also want drag-and-drop uploading and organizing, and the ability to edit photos online.

In my hunt for the best cloud photo option, five services stood out: Dropbox, Flickr,Shutterfly, SmugMug and the powerful yet clumsy combination of Google GOOGL +1.24% Drive and Google+. In the end, only Flickr managed to satisfy all my requirements, though SmugMug was a close second.

Many obvious choices didn’t make the cut.

I want to put all my photos into the cloud.

I want to share some images publicly and others privately.

I don’t want to have to remember to sync my phones or tablets.

Click on the top link for the full story


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