Fast Company: What if every weekend was 3 days long?

These companies are successfully implementing a 4 day work week… I’ve done it and it is AWESOME!  You are much more focused, and you have plenty of time on weekends for chores and resting up… So you are REFRESHED and READY to go back to work…

Fast Company: 

Treehouse, an online service that teaches web design, app design, and coding, has a year-round three-day weekend policy. CEO Ryan Carson began taking Fridays off soon after starting his first company to spend more time with his family and since the company’s inception has made it a policy that employees do the same.

He dismisses the idea that productivity is tied to the number of hours clocked at the end of the day, arguing a great deal of this time is misspent and unfocused. Instead of a 40-hour workweek, Treehouse’s 72 full-time employees work eight-hour days Monday thru Thursday.

While Carson himself was sceptical about the company’s ability to cram five days of week into four, he argues his company is now living proof that four-day workweeks are not only possible, but a critical component to success.


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