WSJ: How to Use Tech Like a Teenager.

Interesting perspective for us baby boomers!  Learn how to message, use photos, improve privacy, etc.

WSJ:  They May Be Young, but They Have Wise Tips on Privacy, Photos and Life With Less Email

Ditch Email:  Only 6% of teens exchange email daily, according to the Pew Research Center. They reserve email for official communications, or venues like school where alternatives are banned.

“Email is just where all the college applications go,” says Ryan Orbuch, a 17-year-old from Boulder, Colo. (The only thing he finds more laborious is email’s even more antiquated cousin, voice mail.)

Instead, he uses a fragmented set of messaging apps based on the people he wants to communicate with. For example, he uses Snapchat for one-on-one conversations, Facebook FB +0.33% Messenger to chat with groups and Twitter TWTR +0.30% to keep up with people he’s never met in person.

For teens and adults alike, a message app is only as good as the network of people you can reach with it. The lesson for adults is that these newer tools, including apps like Apple‘s AAPL -1.09% iMessage, WhatsApp and Kik, drop the cumbersome formalities of email. There’s no “Dear,” no “Best Regards.”

These apps also do a better job at managing conversations: Facebook Messenger lets you excuse yourself from irrelevant conversations, for instance.

There’s also value in not having every single message stored on an email server. The idea is to just enable a regular conversation.


Read the whole article by clicking on the link  upper left.

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