Great guide to selecting books that fit your child’s reading level.
WSJ: Selecting books children can read and enjoy largely on their own is harder than it seems. “There is a big difference between reading levels,” Ms. Taylor says. “We are trying to help parents navigate through this.”

Publishers are trying, too. They are filling shelves with “leveled readers,” learn-to-read books that are labeled by number or letter and designed to match children’s differing reading skills. The books’ colorful badges can be confusing, though. Each publisher has its own labeling scheme, and there is no movement toward aligning them.

Random House, owned by Germany’s Bertelsmann SE & Co., is revamping its beginning reader series “Step Into Reading,” with new cover designs that have tabs classifying them as “Sports Reader,” “Comic Reader” or other genres, so parents can get a quick idea of what is inside. Books display the publisher’s own color-coded reading stages, plus the Fountas & Pinnell grading system that many schools use. In July, Random House will put out an early reader starring a character from picture books, Rocket, a dog who loves to learn.


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