Most are free and Last.fm even learns your tastes over time. Check them out!

Find the Best: You’ve probably heard of Pandora and Spotify, the household names of music streaming. But there are nearly 100 others, with all kinds of variety in size, pricing, style, and features. At FindTheBest, we gathered the info for all of the little services you’ve (probably) never heard of, then picked a few that are worth a second look:

1. Songza

2. Rdio

3. Last.fm

4. TuneIn Radio

5. Slacker

Get the full story on all of these at: http://blog.findthebest.com/tech-2/a-new-trend-in-music-music-streaming-services/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=digest&utm_campaign=weekly_digest_8_15_2014&utm_term=story-2-IMG-music-streaming#.U_ABzEtEj7Q

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