Thanks Barbara Hirsch – another great post! Let’s take off our jackets and turn up office temperatures. America is obsessed with air-conditioning – but it’s not good for women or baby boomers!

ECOFACTS By Barbara Hirsch

For the last FIFTY or so years, building air conditioners have been generally set for the comfort of the average sized (then 155 lbs) 40 year old man, and he happens to have considerably higher metabolic rates than women. Men are warmer, women are cooler, because muscles burn more energy than fat, accounting for this difference.

health-graphics-20_1052695aOf course it was men who mainly populated those office buildings then and were in control of their environment. Businessmen also wore wool suits and ties, while women wore dresses, although often with sweaters and those iconic nylons that thankfully kept their legs warm.

Yes, extreme heat is anti-productive, but so is chill (the cold kind). When a heavily air conditioned insurance office was brought up to 77 degrees, typos went down and productivity went up.  And, if the thermostat is changed from 72 to 77 degrees, electricity bills can go down 11% – that’s a lot of bucks.

– See more at: http://www.santabarbaraview.com/?s=ecofacts#sthash.NE6hToWP.dpuf

One thought on “Ecofacts: Less Cool – Save energy with warmer offices.

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