It’s time Congress and the public paid attention – nearly one in 5 seniors is broke…

Rona Barrett: Last month, the California Wellness Foundation and UCLA released a report stating 772,000 is actually the more accurate number for elderly seniors unable to make ends meet in California!

Measured by this new “Elder Index,” nearly one in five 65+ Californians live in “an economic no-man’s land.”

These “hidden poor” have fixed incomes above 100% of the Federal Poverty Level, are unable to afford basic needs—yet, they are often ineligible for public assistance.

It’s disgraceful.

So here’s my forecast for the perfect storm: The demand for senior services and resources will soon flood the few resources and services available like a tsunami.

Here’s why:

Our senior population grows exponentially.

Housing costs continue to climb upward while affordable living opportunities spiral downward. Most recent example: the HOME investment Partnerships Program. A recent LA Times editorial called upon Congress not to “slash one of the main funding sources that local governments have to build and preserve homes for the poor.”

Word search our most recent “State of the State” address for “seniors,” “aging,” and “funding for” and see how many results you get. The answer rhymes with “no dinero.”

Read the full article (and other great columns):

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