Mission: aim to excel in every undertaking, and work with integrity, curiosity and and a sense of humor and fun. Use media to educate and facilitate change, and work with a caring, dedicated team in a stimulating environment.

Passionate about changing the world via technological innovation in environmental / ocean conservation, energy, space, health care, water and waste management. When I turned eight, my dad introduced me to Bradbury, Heinlein, Asimov and Clark – and I was forever hooked on visions of our amazing future…

Dedicated to the impact of positive thinking on wellness and social behavior, and the body-brain relationship (food chemistry, neuroscience, meditation, Iyengar yoga, tai chi, exercise, alternative medicine).

An avid traveller, I love learning languages and exploring new cultures, especially aboriginal culture. My French mom was a technical editor / travel writer and my oceanographer dad was her travel photographer. Our lives revolved around tennis, travel and the ocean.

French-American, I’ve travelled extensively in the continental US, Hawaii, Europe and Asia, and resided in Bermuda, the Bahamas, Taiwan, and France. I love languages, and speak French, Spanish and a little Mandarin.

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