WOW! This will inspire you AND make you laugh!!! Shawn is terrific and great approach to life – life with meaning!!!  And if work or life has you in the dumps, here’s the secret to get you back on top!   It’s a simple formula – with proven results… 

1) Find 3 new things daily & write them in your journal
2) Write down a positive experience 
3) Exercise 30 minutes (preferably outdoors, communing with nature)
4) Meditate 10 minutes/day
 (easy version –  focus on long deep breaths in and out (count to 4 in and 4 out, 
breathe from your belly up thru your chest, 
and exhale back down – empty completely;
also empty your mind – let all thoughts float away “like clouds in the sky”
(you’ll have plenty of time later to think of them so let go)
5) Perform a random act of kindness (email, compliment, flower…etc) 

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