WOW! I’d forgotten what a funny, touching story Bonnie put together… Linda was one of my closest pals – she died far too young – at 40… She was an extraordinary and unique bright star in our lives, and we miss her. Thank you Bonnie for bringing her to life with such a vibrant, exuberant portrait. Yes, do support the Leukemia Society 🙂

The doctors called it leukemia… but in truth, she died of a broken heart… With love, to Linda:


In capital letters
Shout it out!
Big Eyes
Quick smile
Fab hair
All of five foot two
100 pounds of steel
No fat
All ME

In my car
Fast & sporty
Hot haircut
Blowing in the wind
Living it up
Living NOW

Color & STYLE
Red purse
Legs are black
Kaleidoscopic tunic
Ablaze in shapes & hues
Yeah, shoes are red hot too

Earrings off the wall
Galerie La Schlossette
Shout it out
Wear it out
So much fun to dress
So much fun to be
Lactaid, eggs & toast
Come on, let’s eat OUT
Expense account
Don’t fail me now!
Work hard
Eat well
Then hit the sack

Catnose, mon amie
Mentor, colleague
And pal
This job is THE WORST
And so shall it ever be
What is this BIZ …?

Baltimore for barbeque
Schlosses on the grass
The mosquitos looked
For prey
But the zingers
Spun too fast
We roared and ate
And roared some more
No wimps
Survive THIS door

Black and sparkly
No middle America here
A myriad of
Buttons, bangles,
And beads
Artfully juxtaposed
Like ME

Hands ever busy
Quilting, knitting up a storm
Embroidering even
As Jeopardy
Continues hunting for the snark
And John Cleese
Throws his faulty trousers
In with Wanda’s Fish

Who what where
The perfect repartee
That’s ME

Science, country music,
Clinton’s latest gaffe
All fair game
Easy targets for that
Razor sharp rapier
No pity
No malice
Go for the tweak
That’s ME

So tiny
Big hats
Cowgirl to the hilt
Personality hotter
‘n a smoking gun
The war was won
Before it even started

San Diego
For the Yuletide
Xmas dinner chez les Whites
Feuding in-laws
Brand new relations
Groan, what a bore

You took it all in stride
Gary’s cat
Got lost …
In your hair
We died laughing
And then
Laughed some more

And you
Ever gracious,
And well-bred
So easy to invite
So easy to hang around

Then to Coronado
Frogface & Catnose
On the loose
Sailboats bobbing
Walks along the shore
Listen to the gulls
Like us
Pals …
Forever more

Big boats
Small planes
Faster motorcycles
What you do is who you are

Vermont for the changing leaves
Jersey at the shore
New York – just in for the weekend
Hair cut, dinner at eight
Do the town galore

We drove to Santa Barbara
Remember, you got the flu
It ended much
Too soon

But that drive home …
Wind in our hair
Waves crashing
The radio full-bore
We were just two pals
Belting oldie goldies
Singin’ up a storm
And life was grand

Je t’aime ma puce
T’est bien belle,
Coquotte, mignone
Original …

So hard
Hate to be sick
Too much attention
All the wrong reasons
No style, no class
No happiness, no sass
So hard to BE

Sick of it all
Have to go
Gotta be ME

This is not living in the moment
This is living for the morrow
Tomorrow’s too far off
I can’t wait
Gotta go

Can we blame her
Who could live well thus
And make it to the other side?

Too little of her
Too many of THEM
Doctors, nurses, techies
My turn, me now,
Swallow this
Stick that
More blood, more tubes
Poke here, pull that
No fat here
No surplus to spread around

Those friends we knew
Annie, Carol, Peggy,
Lisa and Garrison,
David, Stratton, OJ
and Elise
Just a few of those
Who’ll miss you too

Of late I fear I’ve cheated
Had to look inside your soul
Just being a pal
You know
Had to see you naked
Cuz you’re so good
At playing you
Even I
Wasn’t sure
Who was who
And if all was right below

But I forgot
To read between the lines
Didn’t catch my final cue
Didn’t see the time
Run out

Oh pal of mine
I’ve missed your last hurrah!

Until we meet again
ma belle
Here is my goodbye cheer
Take big bites out of life

Here’s to
Driving with the top down
Singing oldie goldie tunes
Wind in our hair
Sand in our shoes
Shimmering seas, sunny skies
Frogface & catnose out for a spin
Living in the NOW!

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