3D Printing Insider: Office Depot’s 3D Printers

WOW!  Office supply stores now supply 3D printers – the revolution is HERE!

(3D Printing Industry) Office Depot has expanded its 3D printing product line online. The two new additions 3D Systems’ 2nd generation Cube and CubeX. Both 3D printers are available – at least initially – exclusively online at their main site.

The company’s Senior VP of Copy and Print Depot, George Hill, has confidence that 3D printing will pick up on a large scale and thus sees the new 3D Systems printers to be a natural addition to their catalogue of all things office: “Office Depot is excited to offer innovative products and print solutions like the Cube and CubeX 3D printers that harness the power and versatility of the latest printing technology for our customers. We are already an established leader in 2D printing services and print product offerings. 3D printers are just the latest example of Office Depot’s commitment to providing new and pioneering products and solutions that customers need to start, run and grow their business.”

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