3D Printing Insider: Chinese Hospital implants 3D printed lumbar discs

Another 10 years, and we’ll fix backs and necks!  yahhooooooo!

(3Ders.org) Liu Zhongjun at the Peking University Third Hospital in Beijing is using 3D printed titanium implants that fit perfectly with the anatomical structures of the patients. The surgical team has been working on this project for four years and developed dozens of 3D printed spinal implants.
“We started clinical trials on 3D printed implants late last year, and now we have used dozens of such implants for more than 50 patients,” said Liu. “All the patients recover very well. Nobody seems to have any undesirable side effects or adverse reaction.”
Currently, Liu and his team are waiting for official approval of 3D printed orthopedic implants from the Chinese health authority. Orthopedic implants are artificial medical devices to replace a missing joint or bone, or to support a damaged bone.

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