Fast Co: 5 Startup Habits Maximize your Productivity

Hey, try IFTTT – REALLY COOL!  it emails reminders, like bring your umbrella, it’s raining.

“Entrepreneurship, by definition, is the art of creating systems that generate more value for less effort,” Contently cofounder Shane Snow writes on LinkedIn. “Startups realize that the opportunity cost of doing mundane tasks adds up quickly, preventing them from doing the high-impact work they have set out to do.”

So what we want to do as individuals, then, is to borrow from those organizational productivity hacks–giving us more time, better energy, and more chances at success. Let us count the ways.


Just because you’re not a megacorporation doesn’t mean you can’t outsource your less savory work to someone who will do it for you. Noticing these regular folks’ pain points, startups are starting to alleviate them.

So let us opt for outsourcing whenever we can:

  • Services like Amazon Subscribe And Save take care of your toiletry and grocery fetching.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have drop-off service for your laundry, use it; you can create way more value in those two hours than the $15 you pay for someone else to do it.
  • Sanebox filters your unimportant email out of your day.
  • IFTTT (short for “if this, then that”) lets you set up crazy causality chains. Snow has it text him whenever rain’s in the forecast so he doesn’t forget his umbrella when he walks out.
  • FancyHands will take care of clerical tasks.
  • For reporters and other typists, Rev takes care of transcriptions.



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