3D Printing Insider: 3D Printer Provides Hand for Two-Year Old Girl

$5 prosthetics???  This is sure to transform the lives of disabled children, adults and our vets!  

To start, the company used a template of a 3D hand that was already out there. Then, they scaled it down to fit Kate’s hand.

That design is then picked up by the printer’s built in processor and the digital instructions tell the printer what to do. A plate in the printer slowly moves down as hot plastic is sprayed, creating the hand layer by layer.  The group used fishing wire and screws to put the hand together. The total time to make the hand? Less than a day. The cost? Around $5. It’s that price tag that has the interest of parents of kids who need prosthetics. Depending on the type,  a prosthetic costs $25,000-$50,000 for a prosthetic.  With the 3D Printed hand at such a cheap cost, this might be the solution for families with growing children who need upsized prosthetics.

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