Tired of reading news from multiple sources – here are apps to help combine them in one spot!

WSJ:  On Monday,Facebook FB +3.47% launched a new app, named Paper, for consuming stories, photos and video.  I found Paper offered a broad view on what’s popular, but not an authoritative take on my world, ranging from international events to local news.

Last week, Flipboard unveiled an upgrade to its digital magazine that organizes Web content even more like the sections in a print publication.Flipboard was a more satisfying read because it presents clear headlines and photos in a design cue borrowed from newspapers, while giving me control over the sources and topics of information I care most about.

These two aren’t the only recent efforts to take on our news glut. Others have focused on offering quicker doses: In January, Yahoo YHOO +2.73% launched News Digest, an app that presents summaries of a handful of the most important stories, while a new app from a startup called Inside presents up to 1,000 stories each day, in tight 300-character briefs.



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