WSJ: Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

I’ve used this great CD for 10 years now – works like a charm most nights. If I wake up, I replay it.

Self-Healing with Sound and Music Audiobook CD

by Andrew Weil  (Author) , Kimba Arem (Author)

WSJ:  Four Methods to Ease Into Bedtime

The stress of work and daily life make falling asleep and staying asleep through the night a constant struggle for us. We tried four ways to help us shut off our racing thoughts and ease into bedtime. These methods aim to teach users how to fall asleep and awake refreshed—without medication. We used an iPhone app, one of a number of new sleep apps available for mobile devices, and a CD set based on audio brain research. There was also aMP3 download that promised to teach us to fall asleep by listening to our body sensations; and a relaxation coach, a new trend popping up across the country.

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