Fast Co: 7 Tips to an Eye Catching Cover Letter to Separate You from the Crowd

Research your company and interviewer – KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!

“It is not uncommon for me to get 100 applications for one spot, so I’m constantly looking for reasons not to advance a candidate to the interview round,” writes Slate editor Katherine Goldstein. “Writing a good cover letter is your best shot at getting noticed. If I hate a cover letter, I won’t even look at the résumé.”

That noticeability, Goldstein says, depends on demonstrating that you know the organization and that you are the perfect fit and then distilling that detailed argument into a cordial few words.

It goes like this:


“People typically write themselves into the letter with ‘I’m applying for X job that I saw in Y place.’” Knockout CV author John Lees tells the Harvard Business Review. “That’s a waste of text.”

The better move is to let the cat out of the bag. In the first sentence, state why you’re excited about the job and why you’re the right fit. As HBR argues, you want to open with detail. Here’s an example:

I’m an environmental fundraising professional with more than 15 years of experience and I’d love to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to your growing development team.


click here for the rest of the articles:  http://www.fastcompany.com/3026152/work-smart/the-7-keys-to-an-eye-catching-gig-nabbing-cover-letter?partner

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