Fast Co: How to get home from the bus or train? With a holdup electric scooter

Wow!  this is amazing and adorable!  What a fantastic idea!  

This Electric Scooter Folds Up So Tiny, You Can Take It Anywhere

The URB-E scooter is so compact, it can go anywhere–including on a train, bus, or rail. The idea is to eliminate one of the major excuses for city dwellers who don’t use public transit. Now you can scoot right to the bus stop.

  • Last year, while teaching a class on mobility at the Art Center College of Design, Grant Delgatty gave his students the challenge of solving the “last mile” problem in transportation: How could they make it easier for commuters to get from their homes to the subway or the bus, so public transit finally seemed as convenient as driving?

Delgatty, it turned out, had a idea of his own: URB-E, an electric scooter so compact that it can easily squeeze onto a crowded subway car. He partnered with fellow Art Center profs Mateo Neri and Todd Belle to help bring the new product to life. URB-E launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo today.


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