Fast Co: 3D Printed ‘Clean Water Maker’

Awesome technology… Gates are you reading this – FUND IT!

The ‘Make Fresh Water’ Website Shows a 3D Printed Clean Water Maker

(Make Fresh Water) The Make Fresh Water website gives instructions on how to use 3D printing technology to help people make fresh water all over the world. Cem Schnitzler has provided the .stl files for his Water Maker and outlines how it works. The device consists of a body, a hopper and a cap, all of which are to be printed in a UV resistant material. Waste water is placed into the base of the device, the body, which must be printed in black so as to absorb light from the sun. The hopper, printed in a transparent material, is placed over the waste water and sealed with the cap. Placed in the sun, the Water Maker heats up to 85°C, until steam begins to form, condensing along the inside of the device’s hopper. The condensed water, with nowhere else to go, streams along the sides of the funnel and into a reservoir lining the edge of the device.

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