WSJ: Learning Dissection & Anatomy on a homegrown ipad!

Can I go back to school now?  This is soooo cool! I took yoga anatomy and there was solo much to memorize – now you can actually see all the parts – the REAL thing … PHOTOGRAPHS!

WSJ:  Three of the digital manual’s four authors, Dustin Tetzl, Justin Neira and Jose Ramirez, did their dissection three years ago in Dr. Bernd’s class, which at the time used “Grant’s Dissector.”

“It had way too much information to actually be an instructive learning tool,” Mr. Tetzl says.

Moreover, the authors say, diagrams in the Grant’s text were “idealized” and often bore little resemblance to the way structures in a corpse actually appear. Frustrated, the three students approached Dr. Bernd about making their own manual, which would rely almost entirely on photographs they would take while dissecting another body.

The professor says she, too, had been “dissatisfied with Grant’s,” so she “took advantage of their willingness to work on this project.”

Joined by Lily Grossman, who is studying medicine at State University of New York Downstate, the students raced all summer to take thousands of dissection photographs and write the accompanying text. Dr. Bernd advised them and edited their work.

The lab manual and its iPad version were created by Columbia students themselves. Jarrard Cole

The manual’s first edition was on paper—photocopies, spiral-bound—and was ready just in time for 2011’s arriving class. For 2012, the authors created the iPad version, using Apple Inc.AAPL -1.29% ‘s publishing software iBooks Author. For this year, they added interactive quizzes that prompt users to identify parts of the body by dragging a label to the correct marker on a dissection photo.

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