Fast Company: Desirable Job traits – personality tops list

Hmmm I think we intuitively knew this but the HR folks don’t see to think so…

Fast Co:  

Of those surveyed, 78% cited “personality” as the most desirable quality in employees, followed in importance by “cultural alignment,” and then finally “skill-set.” When it comes to specific personality traits, 14% of respondents listed drive as most important, followed by creativity (12% of respondents) and “open mind” (11%). The biggest overall industry challenge is finding, keeping, and developing the right talent, according to 20% of respondents; 10% of participants listed technical and digital development as the top challenge. You can read more findings from the study here.

Johanna Frelin, CEO of Hyper Island attributes the results, which some might find surprising, to the rapid speed of technological change. “The development of tech is so fast right now and there are no signs it will slow down. So skills become outdated very fast,” she says. “But how you work, the ability for self-leadership, and being an effective team member will make you employable for a long time. A personality that is curious and can un-learn and re-learn according to new environments and realities.”

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