Great documentary – really makes you think about the need for alternative energy and the future of our home AND our planet… Thank you Bruce L. Erickson (Director of Heartworks!!!

The Diablo Cyn plant is dumping hot water into the ocean, destroying nearby marine life… It sits on 3+ earthquake faults… Studies show a 15% increase in cancer rates in the adjacent areas and elevated radiation levels. It sits just 85 miles from Santa Barbara – this is NOT SAFE!  We are downwind of it… Imagine a Fukushima or Chernoybl incident.  Watch this documentary and TAKE ACTION!  Join the World Business Academy today and help shut down Diablo Cyn!

10/23/2014 at 12:00 PM
10/25/2014 at 3:30 PM
10/27/2014 at 10:04 AM
10/30/2014 at 12:00 PM
11/1/2014 at 3:30 PM

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Show Detail: Nuclear Realities of the California – is Diablo Cyn the next Fukushima?



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Nuclear Realities of California – is Diablo Cyn the next Fukushima?


Nuclear Realities of the California Central Coast – is Diablo Cyn the next Fukushima? What is the reality of a potential major nuclear disaster on the California Central Coast? This in-depth, public health documentary examines the threat posed by the aging Diablo Canyon nuclear facility. Diablo is critically located on three earthquake faults at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and therefore exposed to potential tsunamis. After decades of disaster research and experience, this documentary is a collaborative effort of dedicated medical and health experts, nuclear engineers, scientists, urban planners and many concerned citizens. It includes reports of existing radiation leakage and the impact on residents adjacent to nuclear facilities (Santa Barbara is just 85 miles south of San Luis Obispo). Many of these experts work closely with Japan on the Fukushima disaster, and the impact of radiation leakage on Japanese citizens and the Pacific ocean. Their experience is a sobering example of how challenging it is to stop ongoing nuclear disasters, both in the US and worldwide.

Bruce L. Erickson, served as a researcher and consultant on the issues of creating sustainable healthy communities and bio-regions for the past 34 years. Since 2008, his focus has been the sustainability and regeneration issues in collaboration with a international team of experts for program development. Also as a futurist, writer, speaker, media producer and internet pioneer in the development team of “The Source” the first public Internet Service in 1979. He’s addressed the World Future Society Int’l Conferences, served as a speaker for Inst. for Sustainable Future. Also served on the Board of the Monterey Bay Region Futures Network. Initially he organized a program on how communities recover from disasters for The College of Marin in California. In 1992-93 he worked with the mayor of Santa Barbara, creating town hall meetings that led to the renewal of the city center. Since then the 2001 UN NGO Summit in New York – on the role of NGO’s (non-government agencies) to help create sustainable communities worldwide. Bruce, was also the last speaker at the UN on Sept. 11, 2001 and witness to the world community’s reaction to 9/11. Following that event he chaired the forum at the City University of New York (CUNY) on “On Recovery & Renewing the Spirit of New York City Communities”. He’s conducted workshops at the “Int’l Sustainable Resource Conference” at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, CO and addressed the UN World Environmental Day in San Francisco 2005. Most recently presented “Creating a New Reality for You and the Earth” in Stockholm, Sweden also a guest lecturer for the University of California Santa Barbara’s World Affairs Program.

Specialties:Creating a postive future for humanity with sustainable, regenerative and healthy communities and bioregions where ever possible.

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