Interesting and novel ways to play with and even improve your photos – quickly and easily.

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5 Apps That Will Change The Way You Think About Photos  By 


It started as a computer vision research project at the University of British Columbia, and now AutoStitch is a panoramic photo app that leaves it rivals in the dust. It has two major benefits over other similar apps, as well as the built-in panoramic functionality found in an increasing range of smartphones.

It’s a versatile tool that doesn’t require taking a single sweep shot. As long as the images overlap in some way, the photographer is free to experiment with images in any order or arrangement–including horizontal, vertical, or a mixture of both. It’s even possible to stitch together photos taken with different camera apps, as well as those imported from other devices… The overlapping regions of these high-def photos are then automatically blended to ensure seamless transitions between images. The end result is an impressively professional panoramic photograph.


Removing a stray plastic bag from a photo of people praying at the Ganges might get you disqualified from a National Geographic contest, but for everyone else it simply makes for a better picture. TouchRetouchintelligently carries this work out on your behalf, rather than requiring time-consuming manual work. Just select the image component you wish to remove, and leave it to the software to do the rest.


Vhoto uses computer vision technology to scan your videos to find and extract the best photographic moments. “The concept that you have to press a button to take a single picture is a really old idea that goes back to chemical cameras,” Heller continues. “That no longer has to be the case. If you want a record of a great moment in your life, why not just let the camera go and then let technology sift out and sort the best end images. Our mantra is that users should think of photography as fishing with a net, not with a hook.”…  the app learns preferences based on the past behavior of individual users so it gets better at predicting what photographic elements you’re likely to be interested in.

Color Thief

The rise of Instagram has made filters increasingly popular, but some tools take the concept of post-processing pictures further than others. Color Thief is an example of a great color correction app that should be on every budding smartphone photographer’s device.

“Color Thief takes the colors from one of your photos and transfers them to another,” says creator Aaron Barsky. Blurring the line between functional image modification and something entirely new, Barsky likens the app to challenging a painter to repaint your photo, using only the color palette from another photo of your choosing.

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