LinkedIn: Apple will redefine Healthcare & make Billions.

Interesting perspective on the future of health gadgets – FINALLY an app that links all of them.


The Health App – why is it key to Apple’s long term growth?

From my perspective, Apple should/would/probably has one and only one goal – that is to equip every single person in this world with an iOS device. But this is a lofty goal. To achieve this goal, they have to find areas that are indispensable to us as human beings. Music is dispensable. Videos and games are dispensable. The smartphone is dispensable. However, our health is indispensable. And Apple saw an opportunity here – while there are several gadgets to track vitals – there was no infrastructure that helped connect them together and more importantly, no system for doctors to monitor the data collected by these gadgets and provide real-time diagnosis/treatment.

The Health app does exactly that. Not only does it provide a common, single interface to connect all of your wearable devices, it is able to provide this data with various levels of built-in privacy to doctors and nurses who in turn can monitor your every action and habit (nope that creme brulee will trigger a call from your doc, so dont do it)

Lets go back to the previous example: Now the person can still buy different wearable devices, but they can all be monitored from one application, and in turn, if you authorize your clinic, your vitals or conditions can be tracked and appropriate treatment or actions be taken immediately without waiting for a visit to the docs office.

This is revolutionary.

Consider a more extreme case – a 60+ year old person who is in danger of stroke doesn’t have to worry about trying to alert someone if something fatal were to happen to them. An app such as the Health App can automatically detect signs and alert the nearby ambulance service (I’m envisioning a cloud enabled service for a small fee that would connect emergency services and those requiring it). The possibilities are endless.


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