LinkedIn: Steve Bilbo: Baby Boomers – Stop Saying These Expressions at Work – They make you sound OLD!

Whew!  Us Baby Boomers need to study this regularly…

Steve Bilbo: The Baby Boomer generation was born, um…a long time ago and the last ones were born in 1964. Generation X began in 1965 and the last ones were born in 1979. Generation Y (Millennials) were kicked out of the womb, beginning in 1980 with headphones permanently attached (See Justin Beiber). Gen Y is very different than the previous generations. Technology kicked off during their generation and they have had a gadget in their very clean, little iPhone tapping hands for 20 years. Of course we had our gadgets too but, Gen Y eats, sleeps and breathes with theirs. Gen Y loves change, desires it and expects it to happen every six months. As they enter the work force things WILL change, because they demand it. Now that the Baby Boomers are retiring in droves the RV, Golf and Health Industries are the places to put your money. Gen X and Gen Y will be taking over the professional work place.

To paraphrase George Orwell “Civilization is decadent, and our language will cause our collapse. The use of “pretentious diction” demonstrates the speaker can’t communicate, is full of crap or is indifferent.” To assist the Baby Boomers (still in the game) and the Gen X’s here are the vague and pretentious terms you should stop saying today, what Gen Y thinks when you say it and a suggested alternative:

I’m Busy, I have been Busy, or just Busy – Gen Y thinks, “This guy is lying. He is just working.” SUGGEST: Saying you’re busy is like saying “How about the weather?” Tell the truth, be open and engaging.

No Problem, Done, Got it – Gen Y thinks, “Yeah, This probably isn’t gonna happen.” SUGGEST: Actually making a plan. A more thorough answer about how it will happen.

The Bottom Line is… – Gen Y thinks, “There aren’t any lines in our international community.” SUGGEST: Tell them what you think.

No Offense, But – Gen Y thinks, “This jerk, is going to say something offensive.” SUGGEST: Don’t ever say “No Offense…”, you will sound like the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.

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