Fast Company: Jargon that puts women down…. Do YOU throw like a girl?

Wow! What a brilliant and moving ad – everyone should have to watch it! Click on the top link and watch the great ad that shows how young people see women DIFFERENTLY than older folks…  They see women as strong equals – isn’t that AWESOME???

FAST COMPANY:  How would it make you feel if someone told you you threw like a girl? Or ran like a girl? Given its history as a schoolyard insult, it would be no surprise if you didn’t take the description as a compliment.

In this new spot for P&G’s Always brand by agency Leo Burnett’s Chicago,London and Toronto offices, director Lauren Greenfield asks a handful of adults to imitate running, throwing and fighting like a girl. The results are predictable. The amazing part comes when Greenfield–who also directed“The Queen of Versailles”–then asks young girls the same questions.

click on the top link for more

One thought on “Fast Company: P&G ad hits jargon that puts women down…. Do YOU throw like a girl?

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