Fast Company: Verizon ad promotes girls as adventurers and builders

I was moved to tears… WONDERFUL ad… let’s encourage our girls to LOVE exploring, discover math and science, and get dirty as they create and build…  66% of girls WANT to learn math and science… of course they do!

Fast Company:  Verizon Ad:  One girl is shown, from toddlerhood to teens, taking part in a bunch of fun and creative activities while an off-camera parent issues seemingly innocent warnings and reminders–‘”Don’t get your dress dirty!” “Careful with that! Why don’t you hand it to your brother.” Ending with her taking what looks like a much less adventurous path.

It’s part of a company campaign, through its Verizon Foundation and a partnership with Makers.com, to encourage more girls to get involved with high-tech STEM fields. It cites research that says just 25% of STEM jobs in the U.S. are held by women.

If anything, the spot’s a nice reminder to parents that when it comes to having influence over our kids’ career choices, there are many other things we say that can have a greater impact than, “Do your homework.”

click on the top link to watch the ad 🙂


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