Interesting list for all ye prospective retirees. This is solely for urban settings.

Sr Housing: “With nearly 16% of its population over age 65, sunny Miami is our top place for retirees,” NerdWallet says. “Seniors can take advantage of the city’s walkable layout and many beaches while enjoying relatively low average doctor and homemaker costs. The Miami area offers several community services for the elderly, such as care planning, home care and a retired and senior volunteer program.”

Of the top 10 urban locations, one state makes the list twice — Florida for Miami and Tampa (sixth in rank).

Following Miami and rounding out the overall top 10 picks are New Orleans, La.; El Paso, Texas; Mesa, Ariz.; Corpus Christi, Texas; Tampa, Fla.; Baltimore, Md.; Honolulu, Hawaii; Henderson, N.V.; and Memphis, Tenn. respectively.

Affordability was measured using the cost of living index, the average cost of a visit to the doctor’s office and annual cost of in-home services to assess health care and assisted living costs. The average cost of living index is 100 across all U.S. cities.


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