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WSJ: The Biggest Office Interruptions Are… Your OFFICE MATES

Did you know that it takes 15-30 minutes to dig back to that deeply focused zone after an interruption… This means you are losing serious productivity!

And even a 2-second disruption can lead to a doubling of errors. By SUE SHELLENBARGER


New research shows unscheduled interruptions at work leave people more exhausted and more prone to make errors. Sue Shellenbarger explains, and productivity trainer Laura Stack and HR manager Sheri Caldwell share their own experiences. Photo: Getty Images.

The big push in office design is forcing co-workers to interact more. Cubicle walls are lower, office doors are no more and communal cafes and snack bars abound.

Like most grand social experiments, though, open-plan offices bring an unintended downside: pesky, productivity-sapping interruptions.

The most common disruptions come from co-workers, as tempting as it is to blame email or instant messaging. Face-to-face…

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