What an amazing and heroic story – for Glen and all of his family… Heart-breaking… They actually allowed the film crew to shadow them.

Se for yourself what it is like to live with Alzheimer’s – over an extended period of time… Glen actually makes a final tour, partly to help increase awareness about Alzheimer’s. His fans totally supported him on this extremely challenging but highly rewarding tour, accompanied by his children… And the tour actually stimulated his cognitive abilities (especially his musical memory), and slowed the decline, at least for a while.

How lucky for Glen that his family stood beside him in his hour of need and made his last great dream come true – an unforgettable experience for all of them, as well as his fans… and even the film crew and us viewers…

May we all be inspired by his courage to give our very best, even when things are really tough… and may we find a solution to this debilitating disease which will affect perhaps 115 million in the coming years.

This is for Jerry and Jan – with love đŸ™‚

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