Americans average 145 lbs of sugar per year – YIPES!!!
Fascinating analysis of our sugar intake and Metabolic Syndrome – how it impacts obesity and our hormones. Young people derive 25% of their calories from sugar (& juice).
Additionally – sodium is a big component of soda – that’s why it makes you THIRSTIER…
One out of two Americans will get diabetes and is already in a pre-diabetic state…
Also explains LDL vs triglicerides

A high fructose diet = high fat diet = gout (uric acid), hyper tension = obesity & diabetes.  Your brain does not create hormones to tell you to STOP eating when you eat fructose… So you keep eating more and more.

Infant formula – 40% corn syrup, 10% sucrose (like a soda) = infant obesity epidemic

A coke has the same impact on your belly / liver as a BEER.

Why doesn’t the FDA regulate it?  Because it is a chronic disease issue, NOT an acute one.  And we sell these food products overseas… so our gov’t doesn’t want to regulate it.

Exercise is good because it helps your insulin resistance – not because it burns off calories.  

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