Stone Clinic: Study shows stem cell paste graft rebuild cartilage.

Good news for baby boomers with aging knees and torn cartilage – this new technique helps regrow cartilage.

A definitive study, published August, 2013 in The Journal of Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy*, has concluded that Articular Cartilage Paste Grafting produces superior tissue to an alternative cartilage regeneration technique, microfracture. The Articular Cartilage Paste Graft, a procedure developed by Kevin R. Stone, M.D. in 1991, uses the patient’s own stem cells, cartilage, and bone to repair arthritic defects in the knee joint. Meanwhile, the microfracture  technique makes holes in the bone to create bleeding which releases marrow cells into the defect in order to prompt the growth of cartilage.

The study, conducted by independent researchers in China, found that cartilage grown in rabbits using the paste graft technique was more like naturally occurring cartilage when compared to cartilage grown using the microfracture technique

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