WSJ: How Parents Cope With Overload of Rules re: Kids’ Meals

Packing lunch for kids has become a real challenge.  The new requirements include: nut-free, zero-waste, FUN food & shapes (bunnies, kitty -shaped sandwiches), no milk cartons or water bottles, no soda or candy, sometimes no soy or dairy…  and the RIGHT foods that don’t encourage childhood OBESITY.  If a kid gets a candy, they have to eat it away from other kids.  Well, at least we’re addressing waste and obesity and allergies… but it does sound like a challenge for a frazzled, half-awake parent…

When School Lunch Gets Complicated

How Parents Cope With the Growing List of Rules Governing Their Kids’ Meals 

How do parents cope with the growing list of rules governing what their children should or shouldn’t bring in their lunchboxes?

It’s often just a matter of throwing some turkey slices, raspberries and baby carrots in a lunchbox. So why does packing a kid’s school meal often leave parents feeling frazzled?

With food allergies on the rise, many schools have barred all nut products, not just peanut butter, and sometimes other foods like soy and dairy. More schools also have candy and soda bans. A growing awareness of childhood obesity and nutrition means more parental anxiety around choosing the “right” foods—and making sure it’s stuff the kids will actually eat.

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